About Miguel

Miguel is a professional photographer that has enjoyed capturing furry friends for over 15 years. In 2013, he was named one of the best dog photographers in the world by Dog Fancy Magazine. He is also published in many major animal and people publications around the world and is the contributor photographer for specialized and main stream publications including CNN, The NY Times and more. He is also experienced in commercial photography. His clientele includes Nestle Purina, The American Kennel Club, Protect and Gamble, and I-5 Publications.


He resides in the Richmond, VA area and also travels throughout the USA and Canada frequently and a few times abroad. He has a team of professionals that excel at customer service, always putting the client’s needs first. Miguel had been called “the animal whisperer” by many and he prides himself on having a great connection with all animals since childhood.


His background in training dogs for many years creates a unique perspective while working with any animal. Miguel is able to capture one of a kind moments through his lens like no one else and he loves helping his clients to freeze their very important moments with their furry friends and family members.